He Has Risen! Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday ended up being a gorgeous day. With the early morning drops of rain and mist, most of my family was worried how were going to squeeze 50+ people into cousin Viv’s house. But the skies parted, the celebrations were underway and it was as if God simply smiled down from heaven as we celebrated the resurrected Jesus. I just love this holiday! No stress over gifts, too many parties to go to, too many places to be. It’s just family, over a meal, in celebration of our faith (and our culture). With family in Detroit, we decided to depart on Saturday afternoon to do Anastasi (the resurrection) at St. John’s which is one of the churches I grew up in. I love the service and everything it

Entering Holy Week

It's the start of Holy Week and I've decided to spend the day in the kitchen. It's a comfortable place for me; growing up Greek, the kitchen was just the place you simply wanted to be. My kids are home - which for the last 23 years has been the norm, but with graduations and life moving on, the house has been relatively quiet. Until now. Because the ingredients start piling themselves on the counter and the sound of the knife on the chopping block brings my boys - husband included - wandering in. All-to-familiar phrases of "whatcha makin' mom" and "can I have some of that" fill the room, and my heart, with joy. Holy Week is a special time for me and the family - and we've got a list of favor