My Walk for a Cure

Next Month I will be walking for Alzheimer's. Currently incurable, Alzheimer's – dementia – is on the rise, incapacitating its victims to the point of cruelty. For me, Alzheimer’s has hit very close to home. My Mother who was born and raised in Greece and came to the US in her 20’s, has four sisters, all of whom remained in Greece. The first to suffer from this dreadful illness was my mother’s mom, my YiaYia. At the time, it was so hard for me to understand this disease. I remember playing with her skirt and singing. But when you’d ask her what she was doing she would say “I’m picking the corn from the field.” Other times, she was terrified if a loved one approached her – as they presented a

The Ecclesiastical Year

For me, being an Greek Orthodox Christian, there is something special about September and the Ecclesiastical Year. The Ecclesiastical Year is anything relating to the church or the clergy. I have been brought up with 4 characteristics: Worship (Liturgia), Fellowship (Koinonia), Service (Diakonia), and Witness(Martyria) and so have my children. As a child, I remember not only starting school - and the corresponding start to Sunday school – I also remember when the priest does a special blessing with basil and holy water to start out the year. When that blessing is done even now, I have a warm sense of belonging to my church and sense the invigoration of the year ahead. This “fresh” time of