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Greek to Go Kitchen Talk

Greek culture is something that has surrounded me my whole life. Being a first generation Greek my parents immigrated to this country for a better life. My father worked very hard in the restaurant business and eventually owned his own place called the Golden Greek. My mother stayed at home and helped with us kids, but most importantly she was an amazing cook. Over time I grew to learn the recipes of these incredible Greek dishes and began cooking for myself. It became a passion of mine and that is what inspired me to start this business Greek to Go. Five years ago I started Greek to go with my two friends Maria and Katerina who shared a similar passion of cooking with me. We loved sharing family recipes and styles to form some amazing Greek Dishes. Once we started to expand a bit Maria and Katerina wanted to move on and leave the business to me. Now Greek to Go is run by myself with the help of my family. We truly are a traditional Greek family business. The most important thing to my food is the care I put into it. Everything is as fresh as it can be and is made with love.

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