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Getting Excited

Greek To Go is getting a little excited about the upcoming release of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I can still remember laughing so hard the first time I saw the movie...thinking "that's totally true!"

Now Hollywood does love to embelish, sure. But tables upon tables of food, laughter, many kids named Niko - and more food - and yes, that's a lot like any Greek family we knew as kids. And seriously, if a non-Greek came to a party with a bundt cake, I'm sure my YiaYia would have dropped a potted plant in the middle of it, too.

But our excitement isn't just about the movie. It's about showing our cuture - a rich history on the meaning and importance of family. What really happens when we sit down to a plate of souvlaki, saganaki, tiroptia, spanikopita and baklava? We are loud, and boisterous, laughing and teasing. And it's awesome.

We can't wait to see more of it on the big screen!


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