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The Spice of Life

I started cooking at a young age - more out of necessity than love. My mom had to visit relatives back in Greece and I took over the kitchen to feed my three brothers and father. No measuring cups, no mandatory recipes....just a desire to help my mom out and keep us fed.

There would be plenty of times I remember calling my mother with a recipe that had gone wrong - or a question I had to make it better - and with patience and guidance she'd walk me through her steps, adding my own style to it as I went, and steadily, I grew to love my time behind the stove.

So it is not surprising that I often get asked "how do you make..." or "what do you suggest I do with..." and I find myself responding in a similar way to "how did you grow Greek to Go?" The answer is pretty simple; do what you love...

As a result, I thought it would be fun to answer questions I get all the time. And I'd love to hear your opinions as well! Today's question - and one of the most popular - What is Greek cooking?

With authentic Greek cooking, a chef (or YiaYia) will always point you to a few basic ingredients: salt, pepper, oregano, lemon juice and olive oil.

I swear, you can make just about anything taste good with one or more of those spices. They go into just about every savory dish Greeks make. I might even go so far to say if you can't find those five in a Greek cupboard - it's not a Greek house!

Speaking of spices - Greek to Go sells packaged spices to liven up any protein (chicken, lamb, pork, beef), to top a salad or to simply eat with great olive oil and bread. It makes a great holiday gift, too!

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