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Lemony Egg Goodness

Winter is here, and the thought of Avgolemono Soup just sounds delish! It’s a perfect blend of eggs, lemon, chicken and goodness all in one pot. My son who lives in NYC loves it and wants to try to create it in his kitchen, so I thought why not try to explain how to make it. It’s got some steps that need to go together, so make sure you read the whole recipe first before you begin.

Here we go…you’ll need:

1 Whole, Thawed Chicken

Carrots, Celery, Onion, 1Tbsp Chicken Base, Salt & Pepper


2 Cups White Rice

3 Eggs

¼ Cup Lemon Juice

You’ll also need a large stock pot and a blender or hand mixer.

Take one whole, thawed chicken – not a pre-cooked roaster chicken like my son attempted to do!

Rinse the chicken under running water and place in a large stock pot. Add 3-4 carrots (large chunks is fine), one quartered onion and 3-4 celery stalks. Fill the pot with water until about 4 inches from the top. Season with salt, pepper and one cube or tablespoon of chicken base. Bring to a boil and cook for about 90 minutes. If you’ve got 2 hours, that’s even better. Your making a beautiful broth from scratch. No need to rush!

While the chicken is boiling, separate 3 eggs into yolks and whites and then allow them, plus ¼ cup of lemon juice, to come to room temperature on the counter.

Prep a bowl of 2 cups of dry rice and set aside.

At the end of 90-120 minutes, strain the chicken, onions, carrots and celery out. Reserve 1 to 1 ½ cup of the chicken broth and set this aside. Let the chicken cool off - we will take some and add chunks to the soup later. I love my chunky, so I will add a lot of chicken, some people like it soupier. This is a preference, you decide!

Put the strained broth (minus the 1 ½ cups you reserved) back in the pot

bring to a boil and add the 2 cups rice. Boil on medium heat for 15 minutes or until rice is almost cooked. Remember the rice will continue cooking because of the hot broth.

While the rice is cooking, get your blender or hand mixer ready. Take a mixing bowl and add the whites, beating them until peaks form, then add the yolks and beat until stiff. Continue beating, adding in the lemon juice and the reserved chicken stock. For a quick video of how this looks, click this link.

Turn off the heat on the stock/rice – and then stir in the egg/lemon mixture - and enjoy right away. As all good Greeks say “and there you go!” Avgo-Lemon-O – egg-lemon soup!

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